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About catalysta

Welcome to catalysta on Patreon!

What the heck can we do? 

catalysta can and does publish an online magazine of podcast, video and collaborative series that explore how every profession, any organization and each of us can transform to meet the challenges facing humanity.

catalysta is all about a work life that benefits you, your family, community and our world.

The Winter 2019 issue debuts The Beautiful Work Challenge, a podcast, and Dream Job, a video series. 

We welcome your collaboration! Please subscribe to catalysta and support the creation of content that introduces visionaries in every field and ways to activate a transformed world of work. 

In addition to regularly scheduled content, you'll have access to catalysta chat rooms, behind the scenes videos, extra features, framed illustrations, and more!

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Our goal of $500/month will help prepare upcoming series, including In Contact Workshop, a podcast interview series with psychologists and spiritual teachers discussing the connection between inner and outer work, and A Disruptive Revue, a multi-media collaboration with artists whose energy will be channeled to create revelatory takes on the world of work.
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