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About CATastrophe

Hello, potential reader of our graphic novel, CATastrophe!
A romance story about Milo, an inexperienced feline guy who joins a farm full of equine workers and discovers himself in the process.
We are glad that our project has caught your attention! Check below for everything you need to know, before making a payment. Please read first!

Every month we create around 20-25 panels of our widescreen format, visual novel style comic (and 2 extra pin-up pages as a special reward for VIP sponsors!).
We offer three subscription options to new members:

$6 - version of the comic at 1000 pixel width.
$9 - version of the comic at 1920 pixel width.
$14 - version of the comics at 4K pixel width.

(These prices are increased from our “Early Bird” prices for older supporters, and reflect the larger number of pages per month, the increase in quality and server costs now we're 4 years into the project)

Each month, you will receive updates 3-8 times a week through our private distribution server,  (log-in details are emailed with your first pledge!)

Why the difference in updates? You'll notice we use “panels” to count work owed, not “pages”.  Because of the nature of the story, each page requires varied time and effort to create. As a guide, a “panel” is a typical 2 character page. Three characters is 1.5 “panels”, etc. A page with 6 characters takes more time, after all!

This comic is the work of several artists who put a lot of time and effort into the project, with the support of all of you! You'll notice we have some anti-theft policies such as back-dated purchasing of the comic and a DRM-encrypted distribution server. Our only real rule is this: No sharing or selling the comic – please leave that to us :) Distributing Patreon exclusive content will get you banned – please direct friends to our free preview galleries if you want to show off our art and content.

The comic is released by monthly “issues”, your first payment will get you the whole first year's content, 105 total pages!
Each payment after that, you'll move forward through the next month of the comic's releases from August 2016, early months are released two at a time so that you are always paying for around 20 “panels” with each payment! Once you reach the 2018 releases, you'll receive a steady 25+ panels as those months have received more funding.

We let new members make “Catch-up” payments to buy multiple months through the second year of the project's releases until August 2017 (page 215) – which is SIX total installments ($36 total for the $6 tier, $54 for $9 tier and $84 for $14 tier). AFTER making your first payment in your tier, you can use the “alter pledge” function to pay the additional 5 installments and see pages 1-215 all in your first month! (an extra $30, $45 or $70).

After August 2017 (08.2017), we limit new members to ONE month of rewards per month, for now.

When your subscription reaches the 08.2017 release our $14 (4k) supporters can choose to pay $6 more ($20) to get access to the pin-up voting polls and exclusive images! VIPs who pay $20 or more can vote on species, plot, angle and all sorts of things to get two pin-up images YOU most want every month!

We remind all $20+ VIPs that rewards are exclusive to the months in which your support is processed! If you miss a payment, you'll never see those images that you didn't get to vote on!

We value all our supporters! All supporters before September 2018 are paying the “early bird” lower costs per month. ALL supporters will be cleared for any other projects we create in the future, with only trusted members of this Patreon receiving invites to whole new projects in the future on similar themes.

If we increase the amount of content created per month (up to 40-50 panels) it may very well be that prices will increase again: but, as with now, our sponsors who are already in the club continue to pay their current rate, unless they choose to leave us for 3+ months! Don't miss your moment to subscribe at these costs! ;)

If you select the “Early Bird” tariffs as a new member, your subscription will be renewed every two months (you'll only get your rewards once your payment reaches that threshold). Please be careful when making a payment, but remember you can add the missing part of the amount with the “alter pledge” function.

Please be mindful, delivery of art through our server constitutes the rewards for your pledge level, we don't offer direct refunds for digital content. Because Patreon charges a fee for both payment and refund, please be sure you want to support the project as refunds hurt our business (taking an extra 20% from us than we receive from a pledge).

What about the project itself?
Please note, this is a romance story first, not a porno. There are uncensored adult scenes, but they are not the main content of this comic (with 400+ pages, we'd quickly run out of unique content!). If you're looking for pornography then this project will disappoint you – it is an exploration of complex relationships: first love, the mistakes of the young and complex psychological and ethical situations. It is likely that the project will be over 1500+ pages, the story is based on our writer's original novel – the plot is set, but exact pages is hard to estimate as we translate! If you appreciate romance, difficult situations and a deep plot – you're in the right place! Please note that this comic contains a number of explicit scenes without any censorship - you can skip such pages by ignoring the "open" button for adult content pages.

We understand that the back-dated payments and other processes we use can be a little awkward to understand. Please check our FAQ for more in-depth explanations and PM us if you have any questions, here or on our private distribution server! Replies usually come within less than a day!


Unfortunately the risk of unauthorized payments is higher than ever in our modern digital age, and protection against fraudulent payment can be difficult. As such we have a small "quarantine" proceedure for new supporters: for those subscribing for a single monthly pledge, you'll get access to your account, and the first month's content after 24 hours of receiving the payment; for those purchasing the quick-payment options for the first year of art packs, there will be a delay of 14 business days while the payment is varified to counteract frudulent payment refunds that have become unfortunately more common on the site.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 39 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 39 exclusive posts

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