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 #AlwaysKeepFighting #EndTheStigma #YouAreNotAlone


If half of my followers joined this tier, I could make 20 more books every month. That's 20 more people starting or strengthening their fight against Depression!

If you reach this tier you will be included in my gratitude post each month for all the Rebels. You'll also get exclusive access to Patreon Only content.

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There's a little bit of magic in everyone. This could help ensure a book gets made or that it gets out to someone who needs it, when I can't hand them out at conventions. In addition to the gratitude post, I'll follow you on instagram and twitter so say Thank You.  You'll also get exclusive access to Patreon Only content. 

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If even one quarter of my followers donated this each month, I could make AT LEAST 30 books which helps MORE THAN 30 people fight Depression! Getting these completed in bigger amounts at a time also allows me to focus on new goals and new ways to #EndTheStigma and help others to #AlwaysKeepFighting

You get: Included in Gratitude post on IG & Twitter; A Follow on IG & Twitter, and a Name Plate made by me (ask me for photo samples). I can ship it to you if you prefer the actual copy or send you a photo you can print.  You'll also get exclusive access to Patreon Only content. 




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About Cate Cassidy

||Passionate||Eloquent||Weird|| Turning dreams into reality...when I'm not working the call center. || #AKF   <3 #LiveYourLife #LoveYourLife

Hello Blueberries! If you've made your way here through instagram, fangirlling with me at an #SPNcon or anything else, THANK YOU for coming here. I love making things that make people smile and help deal with anything they have in their lives. I give these away to people who need them and don't charge for them. I barely make above minimum wage at my call center job though so it can be hard to fund this hobby, and I truly appreciate every ounce of energy and every penny that gets donated to helping me do this. #AKF
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When I earn $100/month, I will develop a new book for another mental health condition. I have something in mind, but I welcome your feedback on what to focus on next. I will expand my target audience to include these specific communities as well to expand my outreach.
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