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Arkansan graduate of life, mother of three, and retired mechanic of 30 years, Cathy Mankin, is a cross-genre author whose mantra is, “If life doesn't make you an expert, I don't know what will!”

With her father serving in the United States Air Force, Cathy's family traveled from one duty station to another, and she lived in the Philippines for a few years. After graduating from Mascoutah High, in Illinois, she moved with her family, for one last time, to Little Rock A.F.B., Arkansas, where she married and gave birth to her son. Later relocating to Fort Smith following a divorce, she remarried and gave birth to two daughters.

When not writing, Cathy's hobbies are many and varied. Most involve the outdoor life alongside her husband Arthur, and dog Lily. None of them are ever still, and if they aren't doing something, they are planning their next adventure! Indeed, aside from her family, one of Cathy’s greatest memories is driving a Pontiac Firebird stockcar to third place at Crawford County Speedway in Van Buren, Arkansas in 1997.

No matter what you're looking for, you'll likely find it in Cathy's bibliography. From her grandchildren-inspired children's books, to non-fiction for adults. And if romance is your thing, she has you covered too!