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At $5 and above, I will put your name into the special thanks of everything I release, provided I have control over the credits. I will also occasionally send out secret omake when time permits.

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At $20 or more, I will send you a digital copy of everything I have the rights to distribute, which includes certain soundtracks, Cats on Mars tracks, bonuis tracks, and works by collaborative artists who are amenable to sharing. This includes covers, collaborations, and anything else I have the musical rights to. You'll also get any fun bonus content that the other tiers provide.



About Tommy

Hi everyone! I'm Tommy. I make music as myself (Tommy Pedrini, on scores/projects) and as Cats on Mars (for my personal songwriting projects). You can hear some of my stuff herehere, and here. I've been making music since I was old enough to pull myself up to the piano -- my first song, at age 5, was about the Pasadena Earthquake of 1988 (the song wasn't very good). For as long as I can remember, my dream was to create experiences for people through my music, and especially to bring this passion to the media I love most: games and animation.

Essentially - I create musical experiences. You may have heard me doing some of the following:
  • Composing on scores to Vitamin Connection, Mao Mao, Heroes of Pure Heart, and OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes, streaming, and even... cooking??? as part of the Mint Potion team.
  • Writing original songs and performing with a full band as Cats on Mars.
  • Composing for Bandai Namco's ShiftyLook projects, on other WayForward titles, and on a plethora of indie and experimental works.
  • Producing & covering four songs for YSTK, a Yasutaka Nakata-related cover album, creating original zines (and audio to accompany them!), as part of ULTRANIMBUS.
  • DJing Japanese and Korean pop music around L.A. as part of Tune in Tokyo.
  • Running Karaoke Events at conventions all over California, Arizona, & Mexico as part of the Karaoke Kaizokudan.
THE SKINNY, BUT LONG: 2016 through 2018 were transformative, difficult, and very, very enlightening years. Without listing the many good and bad things that happened to me in these two years, I reaffirmed the value of music in helping me (and those I love) keep going, and I want to move that energy forward. I'm pressing ahead on a tremendous backlog of projects and ambitions and pursuing a Master's degree!

I believe with my entire soul that music is essential to our species because it creates a safe space for the listener. The unique power to heal our body and our spirit, to communicate in both implicit and explicit terms, and to experiment with texture as a chef does with flavor -- this is what composers do. Although there are lots of things I enjoy doing (and I do them!), I want to leave a lasting mark on a dying world with your help.

✨☕️🎵🍵✨ If recurring donations aren't your thing, you can also send some one-time support my way via Ko-Fi or PayPal, or purchase my soundtracks and songs.
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Studio Upgrades

Anything up to the $150 tier will be carefully budgeted and reinvested into my studio's hardware and software upgrade needs. You'll be able to listen to my music knowing that the piano was tuned, the mic stands didn't fall over, and some cool new sound samples or effects happened because of your contributions.
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