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About Causing Freedom

Hi there! Welcome to my Patreon page and thank you for being here!

The fact that you are tells me you are on the search for freedom of some kind be it personal, societal or global which is brilliant news because it means we are on the same page! 

I have spent the best part of a decade researching why the world is in such a mess and questioning why many of our human freedoms are squeezed into a suffocating box of control. What I learned led me to look into the law of cause and effect. What caused these effects? What causes a cause, anyway?

My aim is to help you cause your own freedom by demonstrating how the Law of cause and effect (or the Law of attraction...same thing) actually works in relation to everyday issues as well as the world. As my research unravelled, I realised that individually and collectively, we haven't quite got this right when it comes to living life and that's why we've got the effects we've got.

Patreon is somewhere that we can help cause some freedom for each other - a natural equal and opposite reaction!! Most likely we are helping each other to pay the bills, get happier, free up our own lives or are discovering how we can play our part in freeing up the world.  

So thanks for your support and I am really happy to welcome you into my Patreon family!

Enjoy the journey...

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This will mean I am in a good position to free myself up and dedicate my full attention, time and energy into Causing Freedom! More videos...more topics...more often :)
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