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This is where this business all began, with Zen, and this is where you begin your part in our Patreon journey. Thank you for supporting us!

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Jubilee is a fat black cat who loves to lounge and knock over a plant or two. Home wouldn't be the same without her! Thank you for supporting us!

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  • A one-time handwritten thank you letter with one tip to help you get started
  • A one-time free 5-page copyedit after two months of patronage*
  • All previous rewards 

* Free copyedit benefits are available to each patron once time total.

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Mystic is the wild mama black cat who birthed two litters before she rediscovered her wanderlust ways. Truly a queen of the Earth. Mom of Jubilee, Moonbeam, and Temperance. Thank you for supporting us!

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  • A one-time free 10-page copyedit  after two months of patronage *
  • Access to the exclusive patron-only Facebook group
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  • Access to monthly group coaching replays*
  • All previous rewards

 * Free copyedit benefits are available to each patron once time total. 




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About Black Cat Edits

Thank you so much for visiting my Patreon and joining my exclusive membership community of fellow authors who believe in my vision of having affordable editing for all self-published fiction authors. I'm so excited you found us!

I set up this Patreon page for you. I'll be covering editing, personal branding, and marketing as they specifically relate to your journey as an independently published author.

Hi, dear author, I'm Cayleigh Stickler.

I'm a line and copy editor, brand strategist, and marketing coach for fiction authors. I'm also an indie author, an adventurer, and a single mom of two awesome kiddos.
Why Black Cat Edits?

I finally decided on a business name the day I got that dreaded call no cat owner ever wants to get. I was in another state, in the process of moving, and the pet hospital called at night informing someone brought in Zen after he was ran over. In an instant, Baby Zen became Master Zen, and Black Cat Edits was born as a homage to Zen and all my other black kitties.

So, what do I do?

I help authors just like you
  • edit their books
  • build a personal brand to grow a fan base
  • learn valuable marketing skills to sell more

My vision and intention is to provide
low-cost (and free) value to patrons and fans who are genuinely interested in learning more about how they can boost their writing career to reach new levels. I care about each one of you and want to give as much personalized and one-on-one support as I can.

Are you a fiction author living on a budget and hoping to make it by self-publishing?

I invite you to become the newest member of our private community to learn practical and actionable tips to kick-start your professional writing career in a fun way.

Click the salmon button to become a Black Cat Edits patron and get your exclusive goodies today!

Thank you for your patronage and participation in my quest to make self-publishing simple, fun, and profitable!

$5 of $20 per month
I will host bimonthly live edits for patrons at the Mischief level or higher. The replays will be available to all patrons. Everyone deserves value!

I will also post a thank you video accessible to all patrons. (Because you're all amazing!)
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