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1. INSTANT Access to my EXCLUSIVE CBJ Flamenco Guitar Exercise Plan (one BRAND NEW flamenco guitar workout every month in a printable .pdf with TABS that will take your skills to the next level)! Each workout is FILLED with written explanations, video tutorials and technical details for every single exercise covering all of the techniques necessary to play flamenco guitar today!

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The EXCLUSIVE CBJ Flamenco Guitar Exercise Plan:
Every single monthly flamenco guitar workout plan is a COMPLETE workout that will give you solid technique fundamentals with helpful instructions, tips, suggestions and technique guidance!   

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Each Monthly Workout contains enough material and ideas for YEARS of study, packed into an easy- to-understand, no-nonsense workout that will get you RESULTS.   

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1. A 25-Minute PRIVATE guitar lesson with Chris via FB Messenger (or Zoom/Skype) per month!!!

This 25 minute private lesson is YOUR choice! You can request to learn falsetas, technique, theory, accompaniment...and I will be help coach you with your goal as well as give recommended additional studies. I truly create each lesson CUSTOM for each student according to THEIR level, interest and skillset.

This isn't just any guitar lesson...
1. I will check in on you and your progress!
2. You will have homework.
3. You will receive a DEFINED plan for improvement. You will know exactly WHAT & (more importantly) HOW to practice and develop.
- Oh, and I will transcribe all music that you learn and send you printable PDFs with TABS!!!

About Chris B. Jacome - Flamenco Guitar Lessons

Thank you for joining my digital guitar teaching community!

I have the best fans, supporters and students IN. THE. WORLD!!!

YOU are why I do what I do! Thank you for trusting me with your flamenco guitar journey!!! I am absolutely certain that I can help you learn and understand the guitar and flamenco better than you ever thought you could know either!

Regardless of what tier you choose, you will get way more than your $ worth!!! You will be learning flamenco guitar technique, music, falsetas as well as learn how to accompany the "cante" (singing) and the "baile" (dancing). If you put in the work, you'll get there, you'll reach your goals!
The joy I get to witness from my students when they reach a guitar goal (whether that be short-term, long-term or BOTH!) is truly a gift.

Learning flamenco guitar is not easy, but no goal worth attaining ever is!! I want you to know that you're in good hands. I've done this personally, as well as bringing multiple students from ground zero to actually making a living playing flamenco guitar. Remember though, I can give you all of the tools, information and understanding, but you still have to put in the work. Luckily, learning and playing the guitar (and ESPECIALLY FLAMENCO GUITAR!!!) is a BLAST!!!!

I cannot imagine my life without flamenco music (but why would I want to!?!) and it thrills me to know that you are signing up and entrust me with your flamenco journey! I don't take your decision lightly. I'm truly honored.

So, onward and upward! Sign up today and let's get this flamenco fiesta (AKA: "juerga") rocking!

I look forward to getting you playing flamenco guitar and building your understanding of this incredible art form while gaining guitar expertise (poquito a poco "little by little")!!!

SIDE NOTE: Please don't hesitate to contact me with what kind of material you'd like to learn. I have a plan and if you follow the plan, I know you'll make massive gains towards your goals. But, I want input from you!


Chris B. Jácome
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 125 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 125 exclusive posts

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