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$1 may not seem like a lot in the grander scheme of things, but it adds up. 

I pray for God to bless you mightily, and for my books and writings to move you and entertain you just when you need it most. 

If that ain't enough, you also get my Absence of Song Trilogy free as a digital download (Mobi and ePub only), plus the occasional blog post and random musings.

You'll also be a bonifide Stonehead, and as such, be privy to  silly SnapChat and pet pics.

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If you dive in and make this pledge today, not only will you gain all the things in the last tier, including silly snaps and pet pics, you'll also get another a free digital copy of Desperation (The Island I). (Mobi and ePub only.)

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As a special thank you, in addition to all ze 'tings in the previous tiers you'll receive bonus digital content once a month

This might be a chapter peek at a current WIP (work in progress), a short story, or something magnificently #notfinished that's been sitting on my hard drive, waiting patiently for its moment of glory.

And whatever else I can dream up. Suggestions welcomed. 



About C.B. Stone

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I started my writing journey working from home back in about 2008 or so. Before that, I cleaned vacation homes for a living.

If you've ever cleaned someone else's toilet (or heck, even your own toilet) you know that there are many things in this world that are infinitely more enjoyable to do. 

Totally a God thing, but I somehow stumbled my way into my calling with writing. I started out writing articles for clients at $6 a pop, and morphed into blogging for myself. I found I had stuff to say and I wanted to say it with no restrictions on how I chose to say it, so that's what I did.

The blogging thing lead to more clients , and more blogging. All extremely fun endeavors, and way better than scrubbing toilets. 

Fast-forward several years and multiple pay raises later, and I decided to dive into the realm of fiction and indie-publishing. I currently pub under my pen name C.B. Stone. I've always been a voracious reader, so the transition from reader to indie author was pretty natural.

Nowadays, I prefer to spend as much of my time as possible dreaming up stories. I tend to veer toward Dystopian, Urban Fantasy, and Paranormal genres, although that's not set in stone. (Ha, stone... see what I did there?)

Many of my stories come with some kind of romantic bent and some (though not all) offer the occasional God-theme threaded in. And of course, lots of action, and as many plot twists as my little brain can conjure up.

I'm also always open to new ideas, so feel free to share if you have one! (Constructive) reader input is fun and invaluable.   

Anyhoo, I'm super excited to share my art and my heart with you, and hope you get as much enjoyment and value from reading my works, as I do in creating them.

::raises glass::

Cheers to our future word-filled shenanigans, Stoners! There's no way I could do what I do without the motivation and support I get from fantabulous readers like yourself. 


Glad you asked, dear Patreon. I appreciate you taking the time to consider pledging to support one of my biggest passions, outside of the Big Man Upstairs Himself. Every little bit helps and writing stories may come a close third only to God and singing. Buuuuut we'll saving the singing for another day. ;) Future Patreon only peek? We shall see!

My goal is to reach a steady and consistent $4000 per month. Anything over that is just an additional blessing that will allow me to save and plan for the future.

You may or may not know, but writing is a fickle business. It's always either feast or famine. Though writing has been good to me these last several years, until my fiction can support my family, I still have to write for clients.

This means that I have less time and energy to devote to writing stories. Writing takes brain power and deep thinking, whether it's for stories or clients, and unfortunately, client work is taking up the lion's share of my time and energy. Gotta feed my kiddos and pay the rent, right? 

Speaking of kiddos, I have three boys. Two of them top 6 feet and have nearly surpassed my hubby in height. And my 7 year old is creeping up on the height of a nine year old! We grow 'em tall 'round here. I blame the water. Needless to say, they eat. Like, a lot.

If I reach the goal of $4000 a month, I can turn down most of the client projects and devote my time almost exclusively to writing stories and releasing books. $4000 will cover most of our major costs of living, plus leave a little breathing room and extra to invest in covers, editing, and marketing my books.

Otherwise, I have to write for clients to bring home the bacon, and that's not nearly as fun as spinning yarns and stories for you, dear readers. 

Even if you can't offer a pledge of financial backing at this time, you can still help support my efforts by sharing my books, website, and this Patreon page with your friends and pals, and/or sharing this page on social media. <3

Good question!

As this Patreon grows and builds, I will release more nifty things. If we get to a quarter of my monthly goal (just $1000) then that will be incentive for me to continue riding this train and keep the niftiness coming.

If we reach half the goal (just $2000 monthly), I'll start adding in more perks. Bonus content, additional random photos and musings, chapter peeks, process peeks, words that have never seen the light of day, additional short stories, sushi...

I kid, I kid. No sushi, just wanted to see if you were paying attention.

Patrons that pledge $5 or more will get some fun digital downloads each month, whether it's a short story, a teaser chapter from my current WIP, a clip from something I've got gathering dust on my hard drive waiting to be brought to full fruition, or something else I dream up that you might enjoy getting a glimpse of. 

Keep in mind that much of this stuff will be raw material and unedited, and may or may not be scheduled for future publication. And if you want to pledge more than $5, I will offer some more personalized incentives.

Think hand-written thank you notes, signed books, a personalized thank you video, maybe some Q and A type videos... something along those lines. I'm always open to ideas too.

Sweet. Pick your poison, I mean pledge, and let's get this party started!
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Not only would reaching this milestone give me incentive to keep this Patreon going, it would help provide financial cushion. This would help to free up more of my time to focus on what I love... writing stories for YOU.
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