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I will be uploading my YouTube videos that I am especially proud of here and any new song ideas that pop into my brain will be uploaded exclusively to Patreon.

p.s. Up to $4 a month but you can limit your donations on the next page if you want to give a little less!




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About Charlotte Campbell

As most of you know, I am a full time busker and make my living out of generosity from the public in exchange for my creativity and sweet sweet music. 

It is a wonderful way of making a living and I am extremely proud to be able to support myself this way. I make a comfortable income through busking on the street and I am constantly amazed at people's kindness, appreciation and encouragement. 

After doing this for 5 years I have connected with a number of wonderful people who've spotted me doing my thing on the street. I am lucky enough to have met not just Londoners, but supporters world wide! While my London fans pop down to the Southbank regularly to toss me a coin and listen to me singing, those living further afield can now support me in the same way - but online! 

My Patreon is basically my "online guitar case" where you can hear me singing from wherever you are in the world and help me continue to make music by becoming a Patron of mine.

All my love and gratitude to those who want to see me continue doing this. I could not be more honoured by your support.


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