Constructed Criticism is creating Magic The Gathering: Podcast

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You will receive a shout out on the cast and you will get access to our patreon page as well as the #AlwaysImproving question of the week.

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At this level you will a set of "Cast Tokens" once they are released. You will also be eligible for Card of The Week contest and get all rewards listed on previous Tiers. 

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At this Level you will get special access to the Constructed Critics Facbeobook Group where you will get early access to PT testing Decklists and lists before GPs PPTQs and so on.

You wil...

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You will be eligible to join our new Monthly Google Hangout where we either play a league or review a league on MTGO 

You will also be eligible for any giveaways on any of our shows!


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Once a month you will get a private playtesting session with one of the cast members via MTGO, Cockatrice, or in person if possible. You will also receive all benefits from $10 level and below.

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At this level we welcome you to come listen in on any cast being recorded You will also be welcome to join us on our Mega Rankings episodes. You will be receiving all $25 and below benefits.