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About Cristi Demnowicz

     My name is Cristi and I am an anti corruption, environmental and social justice activist in Baltimore Maryland. Thanks for visiting my Patreon! If you'd prefer to make a one time donation, please click here:

Since I was a small child I never quite fit into the mold of what was expected of me. A lot of the expectations of people made no sense: spend money you don't have; accumulate debt for college to get a job that doesn't pay enough to live on in an industry you don't like; spend all your time work work working and never actually get to enjoy your life. Feel the constant weight of financial stress to the point that it affected your physical & mental health and personal relationships. This seemed wrong. I had the feeling that there was something going on behind the scenes in our country to cause this and it didn't sit quite right with me.
     About 20 years later, or 5 or so years ago, after a lot of reading and researching and introspection, I finally figured it out: the people who make the 'rules' our country and economy play by make them for their own benefit, even if they do not help and often harm millions of Americans. This is known as political corruption. 

Movement Building:
     In 2014 I founded a local anti corruption group called Represent Maryland. The goal of RepMD is to pass laws that make many of the political processes that allow these harmful decisions to happen illegal. For the past 2.5 years, I have worked at this close to full time, completely as a volunteer. About 9 months ago I ramped up and started working on it more than full time, as our political climate started to change and more opportunities became available.  
    In that time, I've built an expansive group of volunteers that crosses the state with five active action teams working toward the same goal of passing anti corruption legislation, I've designed our website, done photography and graphic design, created our overall strategy, organized and conducted dozens of outreach actions across the state, and held and attended meeting after meeting. Every minute has been a labor of love.
     The anti-corruption movement is quite large and there are a number of other groups working toward tangential goals. I realized that it's important to have a way for these groups to work together and for the public to have the most awareness of what is happening, so have also started the Maryland Anti Corruption Coalition.
    Making these ideas and groups into a reality has cost me a lot of time and a lot of money, but I wouldn't change it for the world. This is an issue that effects 99% of Americans and must be changed in order for the next generation to have financial safety, security and piece of mind. Being financially secure leads to being healthier emotionally and physically and a better life in general. I do this work for the future. 

Financial Info: 
     The amount of effort this takes doesn't leave a lot of time for a "real job" (I.e. a job that pays bills but doesn't help to change or better society in any way). Alas, everyone needs money to survive, which is why I am turning to Patreon to supplement. I do own a very small photography booth company, but the time it takes to run a successful business also does not allow the time it takes to run a successful campaign. I'd much rather spend my time doing something that help many people, not just myself. This work is where my heart lies. 

More Background:
    I live a very frugal lifestyle and am not expecting to upgrade through this campaign. I believe everyone should live within their means and my means have always been small. I live on a fully paid for houseboat, which keeps my "rent" down, and drive a 24 year old car, so no car payment (although it is costing a lot in repairs lately). I also do not buy into brand names and flashy clothes. All that said, that last few months of transitioning from small business owner to full time activist have been very trying and I am never financially secure. One more care repair, one major injury or illness, and I would likely be homeless.

Additional Projects:
    Recently I also took on the (volunteer) responsibility of launching a citizen press outlet, called The Baltimore County Patriot. This is a 100% citizen news source, for local stories. Although it leans toward political topics, it's also a way for residents of BaltCo to share what important to them with others. 
     I honestly spend about 50-60 volunteer hours per week on RepMD and MACC and The BCoPat, but when I need a change of pace or a break (to clear my head) I work on other smaller projects such as (which has been featured in articles, shared over 10k times on social media, has gotten close to 300k website visits and used in outreach and academia),, and and ReUsables. I also organized a series of actions in support of Standing Rock in Annapolis and coordinated The Workers March in DC.
Most recently, I launched #ProjectTotality to create a more peaceful world by 2024-the year of the next total solar eclipse to cross the United States.

     I am also currently developing a two day seminar to teach activists how to launch their own social change campaign. It will cover everything from what type of campaign they want to run, to how to market and promote it, to volunteer recruitment and more. Through this seminar series I hope to share what I've learned along my journey with as many people as possible so they can make their own impact on the world. 

Final Thoughts:
     Last, I'd like to explain a personal concept/idea to everyone, in the hopes that is gives you more insight on why I am turning to Patreon:

     Through my anti corruption work, I've realized that large corporations, including non profit corporations, have too much control over all aspects of our lives. Traditionally someone like me would go to work for a non profit activist group. However the non profit is dependent on funding to pay salaries and the sources of that funding are frequently in direct conflict with the overall goals of the organization. This is seen all across the non profit industry and has helped coin the term 'non profit industrial complex'.
    I disagree with this funding structure, since it can tie peoples/activists hands from doing and saying what really needs to be said and done. That is why I am going straight to the source: you and the other people in this world who deserve someone to work for their best interest, not the best interests of wealthy funders. I promise to remain independent and working for yours and my best interest for as long as I am able. 

Thank you!
     I want to thank everyone who has supported me up to this point and everyone who decides to share a bit of their hard earned moolah with me, so I can keep moving forward with these expansive goals. I truly believe that I am on the right path to a big, beneficial impact on the world and appreciate your help and encouragement from the bottom of my heart.

In Solidarity,
4% complete
When I reach $1000 I will take on a new project, tbd! EEK!
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