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Zevi Rank Supporter

$1 /mo

These adorable mouse-like critters are found all over the world of Ceal. With your pledge, you can sustain one of these...

Giya Rank Supporter

$3 /mo

Looking a bit like feathered squirrels, these cute animals live in the forests of Ceal. Your pledge buys one of them n...

Bunneroo Rank Supporter

$5 /mo

Fuzzy, furry jumpers that traverse the woodlands, plains and mountains of Ceal. Using your pledge, one Bunneroo wil...

Mazoi Rank Supporter

$7 /mo

Living near coasts and rivers, these amphibeous predators are quite playful. By pledging at this rank, you can feed on...

Thyla Rank Supporter

$10 /mo

These marsupials are pack hunters native to a wide range of biomes. Pledge now and adopt a lone Thyla.


Kimara Rank Supporter

$15 /mo

Distant relatives of all Dracoforms, these warm-blooded lizards are apex predators. Your pledge will be used to provi...

Xervo Rank Supporter

$25 /mo

Looking like a mixture of tiger, horse and dragon, these mounts are fierce, yet loyal. Your pledge will pay for the up...

Epiphra Rank Supporter

$50 /mo

A giant herbivore invincible to all but the mighty Greatdragons. They are said to be insatiable, but your pledge wil...

Greatdragon Rank Supporter

$100 /mo

The mightiest of Ceal's predators, these majestic creatures are rare and infamous. Appeasing one takes a mighty ...

Regent Rank Supporter

$200 /mo

The four Wel Regents are said to be the most powerful people in the world. Earning their favour would require a gene...

Deity Rank Supporter

$500 /mo

The Deities of creation and destruction are naturally opossing one another. A humble offering to one or the other migh...

Ancient Rank Supporter

$1,000 /mo

The Ancient are the highest forces in all of existance. True forces of nature, they only rarely take the form of ac...