is creating The Dynamic Data Layer for the browser.

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If you run a business and are using CEDDL Polyfill in a revenue-generating product, it makes business sense to sponsor development: it ensures the project that your product relies on stays healthy and end up being implemented in browsers.

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CEDDL Polyfill is an MIT licensed open source project and completely free to use. However, the amount of effort needed to write specs, maintain, develop features for the project is not sustainable without proper financial backing. With your help we aim to bring the the functionality into every browser.  

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With our sponsers we have the manpower for full stack support and delivery of web analytics, website personalization and Data management platform solutions. Including BI data stores and service personalization.

  • The homepage of ceddl polyfill
  • The top of the project repo's README




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About Roland

What is the CEDDL?

Customer Experience Digital Data Layer (CEDDL) is very first community effort to create a standard data layer. This means data layer implementation will remain independent of vendors and will not enforce specific data structures. Web Functionality will referece will reference standard data structure improving maintainebillity and quality, yield savings in terms of time and money. Read more on the ceddl spec

Why use CEDDL-polyfill?

The polyfill implements a html attribute-based markup and javascript api you can use today for surfacing digital data on a web application intended for web analytics, website personalization and DMP implementations. Applying lessons learnt by many implementations and bringing this back into a specification that browser vendors can implement.

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If this goal is met, I can spend less time thinking about private monetization channels (e.g. taking on support/consulting contracts) and instead work more on content that benefits the entire community, e.g. more educational blog posts, demo applications, open source backend services and even books!
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