Charlie Dorsett is creating a new series, Ash Dancer


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Get a digital download of the finished version of each book in .mobi, .epub and PDF format, and your name listed in the acknowledgements.  Access to my Lens updates.

Backstage Pass

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Get everything above. Draft chapters! Deleted scenes! Add a buck, and you get not only the story/chapter, but also a new draft chapter of a current work or deleted scene from a  prior work every mo...

Behind the Scenes

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Get all of the above, plus access to a subscribers-only audio podcast of me  walking through each month's story page-by-page and discussing the  process of creating it. Think of this podcast as som...

Audio lover

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Audio story! Get everything at the prior levels, plus access to an audio file of the month's story, read by your humble author.

The Court

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In addition to the above, you’ll receive a deep thought email from me every  month. I don't tend to share a lot on social media, I only share with members of the court, my inner circle of friends. ...

Writing Workshop

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In addition to everything at prior levels, you'll get access to a  monthly audio where I answer common writing questions. Primarily, I will focus on questions you submit on the monthly workshop pos...