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My Patreon page has been pruned down. I’m still creating semi-regular comics but for the time being I just don’t have the bandwidth for creating exclusive rewards for backers. If you enjoy my work you are welcome to support me but all I can offer in return is warm fuzzies, at least for now. Right now I need to focus my limited free time on making the best comics I can and try not to sacrifice quality for quantity.  —Cedric

I doodle up silly cartoons, nurture them into full-grown artwork, and then release them into the wild.

I'm a professional illustrator. In between client projects I let my inner dork roam free by drawing goofy gags and thoughtful comics. We don't have enough room on our fridge so I publish them as a webcomic I call Sketchbook Silliness,  A few of my cartoons have gone mildly viral, zooming up the charts on Reddit and being featured on the home pages of sites like Imgur, 9gag, and Bored Panda.

Here's a sampling:

Occasionally I'll draw up something more thoughtful, usually related to my Christian faith. For example, this cartoon got a lot of shares: 

For a full archive of cartoons visit SketchbookSilliness.com.

Your support helps free me up to work harder at making more and better cartoons. If you decide to chip in, all I can offer in return is warm fuzzies but I'll do my best to keep making comics that are worth your while!

You can also follow my webcomics on FacebookTwitterInstagramTumblrTapas, and Line Webtoon.
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Your generous support helps spur me on. For the time being all I can offer in return is my sincere thanks, but if that ever changes you will be the first to know!

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The Sketchbook Silliness website (sketchbooksilliness.com) could use a facelift. If we get to this level I'll hire someone to help me make it more modern, clean, and mobile-friendly.
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