Cedric Tai

is creating an art project about the little known impacts of Adult ADHD

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Your donation will go directly towards helping me create an ADHD Guide as an art project. You will receive exclusive access to select content before the pocket book + workbook is ready for a wider release.

(The picture for this tier is of our cat Basquiat on the first night we got him. Your continued subscription just happens to pay for an ENTIRE day of his meals. Neat!)


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This level is for members of the ADHD community, Disability Activists as well as Allies who want to contribute money to get the project more visibility. This will go towards helping me pay other artists/editors to create a sustainable community project.

Patron of the Arts

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You will get 1 on 1 discussions with myself and potentially other creators involved in the project. Your contribution will also go towards aiding the creation and long-term planning of new artworks and the wider distribution of the final products.


  • Everything in all previous tiers (stuff online)
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About Cedric Tai

When you support Cedric Tai through Patreon you will be directly generating the creation of new work in the realm of:

  • 'ADHD Guide for/by Artists'
  • 'The 50 Bad Artworks Series'
  • 'Socialism'

Just like Heifer International, I can let you 'choose' what your money goes towards, but really it's going to wherever there is the most need. Also money sometimes burns a hole in my pocket, so most likely this is going to go right back to other artists that I've been wanting to collaborate with.

Here's my artist bio in case you're into that kind of thing:

"Cedric Tai hopes that his work tickles, cajoles, and inspires people to consider their fears, limits and individual aspirations with curiosity. He and his artwork have been described as 'Pathologically Curious’, a lovely, tender way of describing his neuro-divergent ADHD (aka Time-Blindness, aka Intention Deficit Disorder.)

Some of his work is setup to run like an automated system (“Brixels" tessellations, “They Didn’t Go” excel spreadsheets, “Reverse-pick-pocketing” workshops) so that he can focus on eliciting a response from a context-specific audience.

Other works (seen on cedrictai.com) are like love letters where the art process is an elaborate excuse for him to get to know someone better (The Opposable Thumbs invitation, 'solo' shows where he gives up authorship to another artist, remaking other friends’ artwork that may have been destroyed illegally)

What brings Tai’s work together is the magic element of PLAY. For him, Play begins in the landscape of the unconscious, it’s made of doubt, ritual, grief, healing, honesty, tiny pleasures, guilt and responsibility. All of these elements are authentic and alive in his artwork, speaking to each other. That conversation is what he wants you, the viewer, to experience."

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