Ceecee Cecille

is creating oil paintings, pencil drawings
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About Ceecee Cecille

Hi! My name is Ceecee and I’m a 15 year old self-taught artist living in Australia.

Although I am still growing in my art style, I favour realism and semi-realism so far, and my main mediums are just acrylic and oil paints, and plain pencils. I really love drawing faces, especially eyes, since they're the part of the face that show the most emotion. 

Besides art, I love writing poetry and fiction stories, as well as singing, acting and playing piano. Being creative is what I love doing the best, and is the way I express myself. I'm brand-new to Patreon, and I'm still learning how to properly navigate it, but hopefully I'll be able to understand how everything works soon enough. 

To keep doing what I love; sharing my art with everyone, every bit of support from you guys means the world to me. Thanks so much for visiting my page :)
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One of the main reasons I want to use Patreon is so I can share my art with all of you, while being able to pay for more art supplies in the process.
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