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Thank you for your support! Even 1$ can help me doing what I love. :) 

Sea Wyrm

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  •  pictures in their original  (3508x2480 px) full resolution
  •  sketches  

Mountain Wyvern

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  • pictures in their original  (3508x2480 px) full resolution
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About me
Hello! Welcome to my Patreon page. :) My name is Eva, although I usually use my artist-elvish name Celebril. I am an artist from Slovakia and I’ve always loved painting.
Usually I paint fantasy related pictures – my journey of fantasy artist started, when I was a kid and painted my first unicorn in a kindergarten. :D During my elementary and high school I used to draw fantasy characters around block of notes which I wrote down. I guess my teachers weren’t very happy about it, but they tolerated it.
After finishing the high school I thought, that I would attend Academy of Fine Art, but I decided to study religions and painting remained a hobby closest to my heart. I started to paint digitally, as I got my first graphic tablet and I fell in love with it. Soon I got my first commission and since that I’ve known, that painting fantasy pictures is my dream job.
Nowadays I paint mostly dragons, elves and other fantasy creatures. Some of my paintings are based on World of Warcraft universe, as I spent many years by playing it. I enjoy painting characters of others too, as it is a great feeling when my commissioners are happy and get their visions on the “paper” thanks to me. :)
Except painting I love fantasy in general, archery, cats and nature.

Supporting me...
Painting is my dream job. By becoming my Patron you are helping me doing what I love. For your support I'll show you more from my creation, things which I don't put anywhere else, just here. This includes full resolution pictures, sketches, wips, paintings step by step and special rewards for higher tiers.

About tiers
Full resolution pictures. I upload pictures I am painting on my Patreon in their original resolution.
Sketches. I upload a rough sketch of picture I am working on. This means usually 2-3 sketches per week, minimum of 1.
Wips. I upload a work in progress of my pictures. This means 3-4 wips per week., minimum of 2.
Step by step picture. Here you can see a process of painting of a random picture I painted. In these kind of pictures are 8-10 step by step stages as I painted it from the sketch till finished picture. These I upload usually 1-2 per week, minimum of 1. If you have any question about the process I'll happily answer it. :)

Rough sketch. For every Patron in 10$ tier I'll do one rough sketch of character's bust once per  1 month. Examples below:
Rough portrait. Once per 1 month for every Patron from 25$ tier I paint a rough black and white portrait of their character or fanart. Example:

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 467 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 467 exclusive posts

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