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  • Get the completed script in PDF format of each (finished) bachelor
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  • Access to the latest updates on the game! Sketches, CGs, NSFW images etc.  
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Hey there! My name is Celianna and I'm the creator of Tailor Tales and outsource what I can. This Patreon helps support me and the development of the game.

You can pledge once to either the $4 tier or $10 tier and have early access to Tailor Tales and whatever content is released that month. Every 4th of the month, the game gets updated with new content, such as the latest chapters of the current route. Stay pledged every month to receive these updates. Or pledge once and enjoy whatever you received that month :)

It's better to pledge at the beginning of the month, than at the end, because you'll get charged again at the beginning of each month.

The only way to currently have access to Tailor Tales Plus, is through the $10 tier Monthly Pass Plus. What does Plus include?

  • Sexual content
  • Longer epilogue
  • 10th CG for each available love interest
  • Unlock any available side stories (currently only Neil & Dimitri)
  • Up to date on the latest route in development
  • Unlock the ability to date a character (currently only Neil)
  • Read chapters without any requirements or gold
  • As a bonus, start the game with Neil, Dimitri & Caine's route fully unlocked

Not a fan of sexual content, or don't mind being behind on the latest route? The $4 tier is the regular Tailor Tales that does not contain any 18+ content. It is behind by one month on latest updates.

All early access to Tailor Tales is for WINDOWS only!

James (chapters 1-16)
Completed routes:
Neil, Dimitri & Caine

Are you a Patreon already?

Some screenshots of the Plus version:

99% complete
I can afford another coder to help me with chapters.
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