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About Celiere

Hello! I'm Bella! 

Comics has been one of the only ways I've known how to tell a story, whether its short or long format; I've even manged to self-publish a few! I've published: Hidden in Plain Sight (VOLUME 1) and am currently working towards printing PINK. I'm also a visual development major, so that means I enjoy the process behind making new worlds and stories... Its a goal of mine to put out some good One-shots for the fun of it!

> Both available to read on WEBTOONS!

Future Plans?

- To create pages for Hidden in Plain Sight consistently (Hopefully weekly but we can work up to it)
- To create many One-Shots I have stored in my tiny ol brain
- Maybe even make a game with some good friends of mine? Who knows?

I'm still a bit scared since this seems so big,
but i'd love to throw my hat in the ring to rise to my full potential!

...thank you for reading!ヽ(^‿^)ノ

(I cant wait to add more tiers in the future!)
2% complete
When i reach this, i'll be able to stream at least 1-2 times weekly with no worries!
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