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About Andrei Coman

Hi! My name is Andrei (though I prefer Rei), and I am a musician, composer, performer, aspiring poet, and all-around cooky artist. I am not quite sure what direction I am going to be going with this page, but I just thought I'd throw it up here so it is ready when I begin investing time in my online presence. Anyway, enough about that! Let me tell you a little bit about me.
As a composer, my style of concert music tends to be a fusion of the dissonance of post-tonalism with the grand beauty of late Romanticism. If I were to class my style with other composers, I'd compare it to the music of Prokofiev, Gliere, Faure, and Richard Strauss. However, I also write in a very large variety of other styles, most notable of which is the traditional Irish-Celtic "tune" format.
As a classically trained instrumentalist I play the Horn (my primary instrument of study), but the instruments I perform most as a soloist are mandolin, piano, Celtic whistle, didgeridoo, Irish bouzouki, accordion, Caval, and bodhran.
I do so many interesting things, and I plan on (as of my writing this, sometime in the future) beginning to work as a content creator on any number of platforms. In any case, what I can do here is keep an update of my music and work as a composer.
Thank you for visiting my page! If you have any questions, recommendations, ideas, or comissions, please don't hesitate to contact me! I always love a challenge.
~Rei Coman
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