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About Cendril89

Hello, I am Cendril89 and I make Let's Play videos. In a nutshell, I play through video games while giving my live commentary. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Electronic Media and Communication. I have no "gimmick" and I am a genuine person. That means I give my honest reactions to the games I am playing. I also try to take a step back and look at things from multiple angles. That way, you get different ways to look at games in general.

While I do have some mature games I have played through, I have family-friendly games on my channel as well. I make a conscious effort to keep those games family-friendly (i.e. I don't cuss, and I keep things very positive and happy even when I'm not doing well). On that note, I rarely cuss on my videos period unless the characters in the games say the words. I even voice act characters to the best of my amateur ability when reading dialogue. With my videos I try my best to: bring a smile to viewers' faces, show off video games in a helpful manner, and be honestly fair with my analysis of the games. I play mostly Role-Playing Games (RPGs), but I am branching out and playing more types of games.

I will continue to improve my videos and offer even more to my great viewers. I end my videos by saying "Remember to shoot for the stars and take care everyone." I mean it every time. Shoot for the stars means to reach for your dreams. I am trying to shoot for the stars myself. This has become my dream career since I started in 2012, but it is only possible to continue pursuing this dream with support. I'll be using donations to help pay off student loans and bills so I can focus on making content for all of you. With enough support, I'll be able to pour all my time and energy into making this my career. I will work on making content 7 days a week, and everyday I am physically able if I get lots of support. Please help me continue my journey to reaching my star, and I'll do everything I can to continue providing fun times, good entertainment, and happy smiles. Thank you very much. Remember to shoot for the stars and take care everyone!
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