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About Christopher Galbreath

Foolish mortals! Your Overlord, ECD, has taken over this Patreon page! Now, kneel before me...and enjoy the roast that's about to commence!!

Who is this loser?

Christopher Galbreath. What can I say about him? A loser that gets caught up in games once he sees some minor detail of interest? Seriously, someone tell him to stop playing Pokémon and get back to work on writing! In high school, he started as a band nerd but had the gall to start writing fan fiction under the penname Izumi Ryu. Really, Chris? What kind of name is that?! He's been trying to convert to original works over time. Define "original". Now, he's done some script editing for a furry ninja comic called Ninja Wolf Saizo, yet I can't get him to stop denying he's a furry himself! Now, he's been writing this story Center Lane. Which contrary to popular belief, I'm the real star of this comic!

What is Center Lane?

David Ramsey is this awesome high schooler doing something his classmates can only dream of. And seriously, he IS awesome. You have got to read some of the stuff he's written. He's just as twisted as I am! I seriously can't blame him for legally trying to get away from his parents. His mother creeps me out enough as is. He's not quite there yet, but he's got a pretty cool roommate letting the kid live with him. He's gonna need all the help he can get with both high school and the 'real world'. Honestly, I can barely tell the two apart.

You can spy on this kid's life every Wednesday and Sunday. Seriously, not like you're doing anything different than to anyone else on Facebook...or the NSA to you.

What Am I Asking For?

I need some serious help getting enough weapons under my control to make humanity kneel before me, so I'll be siphoning off of Chris' Patreon as soon as I set up the leak... Wait, Chris, did you just set this to leak back into your account? Killjoy! You really are a loser!

Well, at least you can help the real help behind Center Lane. Rafa Lee, the Brazilian artist behind our comic is currently paid fully out of Chris' pocket. So anything at first will be helping to pay this guy. He really makes me look awesome in this. Unlike those fillers Chris throws together in MS Paint. He sucks. Rafa does have a lot of work going on, so we can't post more than twice a week, but we might get some more bonus content or...sigh...we could get more of Chris' half-baked ideas made.

To be honest, Chris does have a lot of stories going on in that jumbled head of his. Now, he just needs to get them written. Wait, there's actually scripts written? Then, why haven't you...oh...right... you still need more help with that, don't you? So, if anyone wants to see a comic about middle schoolers stumbling on classmates with powers or a new Digimon comic, we can use the financial help.

And well, every creator's dream is to be a lazy bum and live off their work instead of their day job. Can you get any more cliché than that? But hey, he's a long way away from that, so we know that's just a pipe dream. Whether he's worth it or not is up to you guys.
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Bonus pages start with additional one-shot pages either by Rafa or by Guest artists. These will be available monthly and may or may not be Center Lane related. Patrons will get early access to these pages.
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