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Central is a weekly newsletter that condenses the news of every Central American country and the migration of its people.

The news is gathered by a wonderful team of nine people: Nansi Rodríguez, Jalileh García, Rodrigo Peñalba, Jonathan Peraza, Rachel Ketola, Mariana Rodríguez-Pareja, Rachel Osorio, Isabeau Belisle Dempsey, and Melissa Vida, who is the founder and editor.

The newsletter was born with the vision of making Central American news accessible to all because we believe that information is power. Not only that, we want it to reflect what is happening from the ground up instead of only focusing on what matters to external countries – like the stereotypical coverage of migration or violence.

Subscribe to receive the newsletter that sums the weekly headlines from Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama and is packed with reading recommendations and cultural pieces.

You can also join our growing number of patreons, the people who support our vision.

We are very grateful for every subscriber and every person wanting to contribute and support Central! Let's put Central America on the radar and inform people of what is happening on the isthmus.

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