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We want to share our beloved protocols with you. In them you can find precious help to solve your problems step by step with proven methods created in years of psychotherapy experience. Help us helping others and choose one of our protocols for you and those close to you. Let's help each other’s!




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About Centro Diana Loi

How many times you or your organization have needed help and had no money to pay for it? We know exactly how frustrating it can be (we've been there too), and we want to be part of the solution for everyone who can be in this situation. We want to work with you FOR FREE!
We're passionate about Mental Health. We want to help every organization we can to create the better work ambient we can imagine together, we want to collaborate with organizations that believe, as we do, in creating a better and healthier world for everyone, no matter how much money you can spare.
We are constantly developing networks with different organizations that needs our help in order to solve problems of communication, organization, effectiveness, and much more. We love to work, we love to help, and we love doing it for organizations that can’t pay for it.
We're here to help, and for that we need your help too. As long as we can get founds to do it we will keep working for free for every organization that ask for our help.
If you want to help us we can help you too, tell us your problems and we will do the best that we know, solving them!
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When we reach 500 per month we'll start to upload complete and free material for everyone. We want to share protocols made by us that will help you to: solve personal, relationship, familiar and work issues. This material is 100% original, effective and brand new. You can read some extracts of this work in our Patreon and Facebook page, as in our Website. Let's work together!
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