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About Cerbskies

Hey! Here's some Q&A..

What happened to your Patreon?
Due to Patreons strict stance on certain content, some of my smut was "problematic" and had to be removed. After a small break, Ive returned to uploading Patron-Only smut. Enjoy!

Why should I become your Patron?
Becoming my Patron gives you access to higher-resolution smut and alternate Patreon-Only content. Im keeping things simple for now. Im open to tier suggestions.

Where can I contact you?
Motherfucking Newgrounds. I check messages and notifications there first. Have a look at my commissions post for more contacts.


  • Everything I create is pure artistic expression. A metaphorical expansion of the mind.

  • Every human, creature, parody, and supernatural-being I create is 18 years of age or older (meaning it has rotated around the sun a minimum of 18 rotations) regardless of the source material in which its based off. Time machines man.

  • Any likeness to real people is coincidental. It's never who you think it is. None of it is real.

  • All characters in my art have consented to sexual intercourse and other depicted fetishes. We had a meeting, they're cool with it.

  • All characters in my art are great actors, they're not in any pain.

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