ceruchick is creating Youtube Gaming Let's Play Videos

$1 /mo
Level 1
  • Your name on an endcard thank you that will appear at the end of all my YouTube videos.
  • Your name on a s...

$5 /mo
Level 2 (plus all lower tiers)
  • Access to the Patron-only discord channel for interacting with me and other patr...

$10 /mo
Level 3 (plus all lower tiers)
  • Access to the Q & A channel in the Patron-only Discord Server.
  • Sugge...

$50 /mo
Level 4 (plus all lower tiers)
  • Monthly streams of a game picked by Patrons of this tier.
  • Thank you card signed by me sent directly from me to you.

$100 /mo
Level 5 (plus all lower tiers)
  • 1 on 1 gaming session in a game of your choice for 2 hours every month that you ...