Cesaru is creating Anime, manga, ecchi, toons, comics, h, R34

Bronze level-Nivel Bronce

$1 /mo

For  the minimum amount of one dollar you can apolyarme to continue working  on new drawings and material to share with the general public.

You will receive as a reward a drawin...


Level Silver-Nivel Plata

$5 /mo


-You  will get the nudes or semi-nudes of the drawings of the bronze level,  also an exclusive drawing that only be published in patreon includes  alternative versions of cos...


Platinum Level-Nivel Platino

$8 /mo

This  is a new level, in which you will obtain all the foregoing benefits of  the previous levels plus the alternate drawings of the gold level. 

En Español



Gold level-Nivel oro

$10 /mo
 Gold level

In  this level in addition to obtaining the previous benefits you can ask  him to draw any character you want in the situation you want and the  genre you are looking for.


Gold Level 2-Nivel Oro2

$13 /mo
 Gold Level 2
- You can order a drawing with two characters at a time. The drawings can be ecchi, hentai or NSFW.
-You will have the benefits of the bronze, silver and platinum level.