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is creating a pay-per-view queer Berlin web series

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My background is primarily in video production but even that has a range. It spans across analogue and digital production to new media. Along the way I picked up photography and am learning design. Eventually I produced events and different web series.
This year began my return to self-employment after four years of a bar-gallery-venue project called LUDWIG in Berlin-Neukölln ended. Unfortunately, the Corona-19 Virus came to make this new start more difficult. As many other artists, entertainers, and event producers I found myself in a matter of days losing my income due to the necessary measures taken for controlling the spread of the virus. Nightlife and culture has been cancelled for an undefinable length of time. As a small business owner this is quite daunting!

My intention here is to sell subscriptions and fundraise for marketable projects that I am working on. There are currently 2 productions in motion which need starting funds. I will need to invest in equipment, distribution, and marketing from my own pocket. Since this money needs to come from somewhere, here I am! :-)

The first project is already into its production and needs very little from the public at this point. It is a gay fetish web channel co-produced with photographer Dash. My focus here will be on the second production. It is a queer Berlin pay-per-view variety show showcasing as many possible artists, entertainers, and activists as can be packed into 10 thirty-minute episodes per season. Each participant in front of or behind the camera gets an equal percentage share of the revenue generated from the online rentals. It is a fully queer show at every level of production. Helping me be able to make this show happen will end up contributing to a lot of other artists, performers, and other creators who like me found themselves in a very troubling situation.

My plan is to give regular updates of this show, “QTV Berlin” and sneak peeks at each stage of its development and production. There will be videos, graphics, texts, and live streams to see the progress. I look forward to entertaining you!

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This is the base fund to buy the right online services for offering my show as a  pay-per-view. The rest goes into marketing. It's a start!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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