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Feeling guilty for blocking YouTube ads and denying CGP Grey the revenue he's earned with blood, sweat and tears?  Well guilt no more, by indulging in adblock absolution you are hereby relieved of all feeling of guilt.  You are once again helping to encourage the creation of videos you like.
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Beyond absolution, thank you for supporting the continued development of the videos.  Access to random postings on the Patreon feed, such as the occasional script draft.  

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As part of the Bee Brigade, you get access to the beautiful wallpapers custom made for the videos.  Go here to get them:

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About CGP Grey

CGP Grey makes video for The Internet to enjoy on topics that catch his attention.  Randomly uploaded, but obsessively created.  
$10,000 – reached! per month
I'm putting a copy of the videos on RSS and iTunes for you guys.  Those copies of the videos will lose out on YouTube revenue for all of time, but it's something I want to do for you and for my own security in making informational videos.  Help make this not feel like a terrible business decision.  
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