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About Classic Gaming Quarterly

About Me

My name is Chris, and I created the Classic Gaming Quarterly website almost 10 years ago, as a new way of enjoying my hobby, Classic Gaming!  People often ask me if I work in television or radio, but my day job has nothing to do with broadcasting, or with media in general, so this has very much been a "learn by doing" experience for me.  When I started the show almost 6 years ago, I was watching other YouTube channels and thought, "I'd like to try that."  Initially, I was just creating videos to embed on my website, but at some point the channel became more popular than the site!  Initially, I was just making single-game reviews, and would get excited if they got 100 views.  As the channel matured, I began making my signature "Launch" videos, and that's when things really took off.  The first few launch videos, the Genesis, TurboGrafx-16, and PlayStation, didn't really make much of a splash, but on Christmas Day 2015 I released "The Launch of the Sega Saturn", and it just took off!  That very day I began working on "The Launch of the Super Nintendo", which took about 6 months to produce and has become my most-viewed episode.  While dedicating myself to Classic Gaming Quarterly full-time is not an option for me, Classic Gaming Quarterly is still a huge priority, and it has been extremely rewarding to watch it grow.

About Classic Gaming Quarterly

Classic Gaming Quarterly has been creating documentaries about video game history for almost 6 years.  Videos like "The Launch of the Super Nintendo", "The Launch of the Sony Playstation", and "The Launch of the Nintendo 64" have been viewed by millions of people.  With a smaller audience, the "Let's Read" series fills an interesting niche, as I read through old video game magazines, adding interesting factoids along with my own memories.  Lastly, on the second channel, CGQ+, I release vlog-style videos taking about my personal memories of gaming growing up, and also do weekly live-streams of various classic consoles.

Why Patreon?

For the longest time, although I have been a Patreon member supporting my favorite content creators, I have resisted starting a Patreon campaign of my own.  My attitude has always been that I didn't want to ask my audience to fund my hobby.  But the simple fact is that Classic Gaming Quarterly stopped being a hobby and started being a part-time job long ago, and along with the time that it requires it also takes a lot of money to produce.  YouTube ad revenue is great, but is extremely inconsistent, and the channel has been living "paycheck to paycheck" as there is a seemingly endless supply of things that need to be purchased, be it a new camera or microphone, a broken capture device that needs to be replaced, a computer that needs to be upgraded, or games, consoles, and accessories than are needed for a particular episode.  A few episodes of CGQ have been sponsored, but like ad revenue, that's inconsistent-at-best and I do not actively seek out sponsors for the show.  Money brought in through Patreon will be directly invested in making the show the best that it can be!  


As you can see, I only have one tier.  While you are certainly free to give more than $1 per month, I am not going to create a class system wherein how much access you get is directly proportional to how much money you contribute.  Becoming a CGQ patron will give you instant access to the Classic Gaming Quarterly Discord server and a special "members only" channel, which I may try to do something special with in the future.  I will also be posting various updates in the form of images and short videos chronicling the progress of each episode as it's being produced, and plan to upload some Patreon-exclusive "Behind-the-Scenes" shorts.

Thank you for considering throwing your support my way!
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