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About Chad Warren

thank you finding your way here, let me tell you what I'm up to!

I make 2-3 pieces of art per month which include

  • original conscious pop music videos
  • unique versions of cover song videos
  • Collaborations with other artists (one of my favorite things to do)
  • Vlogs(video blogs) addressing real life experiences including family life, insecurities, getting "unstuck", using a mentor etc.
  • Interviews with INSPIRING people 
  • Anything artistic that Inspires me that I feel called to do (help me with ideas!)
All of my content is here:

  • Your support will help build this artistic movement from the ground up. 
  • Yes you will help me make DECISIONS that I will be forever grateful for!
  • I visualize myself as a storyteller as well as a musician. I want to share my life with you through my music and vlogs in hopes that we can relate and grow together. I believe that saying about life that says something like, "its about the journey not the destination". 
My main goal is to create art that impacts people and promotes empathy, equality, and compassion in the world.


(you can change or stop a pledge at anytime, you and I have complete control over this)

Authenticity is the main mantra I live my life by. So here ya go!

Your Pledges will allow me to do 3 things.. .

1) Pay bills and expenses I have associated with sustaining and building my Creative Journey.

Quick Insight : I am personally responsible for writing, conceptualizing, shooting, editing, color correcting, recording, engineering, mixing, mastering, and promoting all the things I create. 

Your support will help me manage all these different aspects of my journey. I am like the CEO and maintenance man of ChadWarrenCreative. One day I will be able to get assistance in some of these areas, until then its just me.

2) Your support will help grow my personal and social presence, allowing me to help and inspire as many people as possible. This is my dream!

3) Your support will allow me to mentor up and coming artists/creators. I especially am interested in working with that "stuck" feeling we all know too well. I lived with it for over 12 years. I will share my some of the key lifestyle changes I have made to create a strong foundation (or condition) to allow growth. Maybe I can help you to go after that "dream" you've always wanted to do. They don't call it a "calling" for no reason. It IS CALLING YOU! (... maybe too many caps. sorry, not sorry)

This support will enable me to give back to my community in various ways.

I will have the ability to use my gift freely to help people in need.

I am so thankful you are here. You are unique and have a purpose only you can fulfill. Let's support each other in being the best versions of ourselves.


We can always change, adjust or add anything to these tiers. If anybody comes up with a great idea on what to include we can MAKE IT HAPPEN.
Select a membership level
$1 Patron Level
per Video, music, concepts that matters
-Access to my Patron Only Feed

(I will share real life experiences and what inspires me, I want to learn from you too!)

- Early access to all my creations a few days before I release them.


$5 Patron Level
per Video, music, concepts that matters
-You get a Free Download of my newest original OR cover song (monthly)

-You get your name in the credits of a Video each month

-Help me make decisions! I will send you rough drafts of videos/tracks. .. 

-Make a Request of a song you'd like me to do, I will take a poll and make a video of the highest rated request

-Behind the scenes footage of how I make/edit videos/record high quality songs

-guitar coaching /lessons

Plus all previous REWARDS

$100 Level Patron
per Video, music, concepts that matters
Let's define this tier together! 

HERE are some of my ideas:

-write/record a song or create a video together

-I'll write/record a personal song for you or someone you know (think anniversaries, weddings, nursery rhymes.. )

-Mentor you or someone you know that could use my help

-Videography, I can help you with editing/filming etc.

And of course you will get all Previous REWARDS!

(must be at this reward for 3 months or more)

$107 of $250 per Video, music, concepts that matters
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