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is creating music, videos, & poetry.
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About Chad Sugg

Hello friends,

I've quite literally pondered creating my own Patreon page for years, but in the past few months it finally all clicked and made sense to me... So, here we are!

To get right to the point - my life & perspective as an artist/songwriter/poet/human is extremely different than it was a few years ago. I’m not so much worried about EVERYONE seeing what I’m making, but I do really want the people who do care to actually see it. And maybe even more importantly, I need to feel as if I’m creating something with a purpose artistically, and that it's worth my time and effort (especially since I have kid to raise + full-time career apart from all this).

My Patreon will really serve as a community, my (or our, rather) little corner of the internet. Where if you like my music, my writing, my videos, etc, you can come see what I’m doing in all the time between my releases, and even play a big part in even allowing me to create these things with your support. Because the truth is, while the space between my new album or book releases has grown, the amount that I put into them hasn’t changed. I have less time to create, but I am still creating.

This community/club/whatever you want to call it will span across everything I create: from my solo music (Chad Sugg), to my other solo music project (Backseat Goodbye), my poetry/books, my merch brand (Good Ghosts Co.), literally just everything I do. I've kept the reward tiers specific and pretty low on purpose (with the exception of the one giant tier that I can hardly even imagine being chosen), because I really do want this to be special and accessible. So that's enough blabbering, let's get on with this, shall we?

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I'll celebrate by dancing privately in my home, and by following the first 10 people who become patrons on Twitter <3

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