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I thank you for your interest in my work and for taking the time to see this page.

My name is Chady Elias I am an established visual artist.

Being a Patron of my work is very meaningful to me, for that, your name will be listed on a special page under my website as one of my art patreon/supporters. And also you will receive you pledged tier.

About Me

I have a Masters Degree in Fine Art. My higher education degrees include interior design, Sacred Art, theology, philosophy, as well as an Executive Professional Coaching.

I started my artistic journey at an early age, I presented my first visual arts exhibition at the age of twelve.
My passion for the arts propelled me to experiment with various renowned artists’ studios in Europe (Italy, France, Croatia, and Slovenia), where I was able to master various artistic techniques.
As a fully-fledged visual artist, I have traveled the world working extensively on a variety of projects and is continually commissioned both, within the United States and internationally.
My artworks are featured worldwide, in countries such as France, Italy, Croatia, Cyprus, Australia, Peru, Mexico, Switzerland, Lebanon and in his homeland: the United States of America.
I love to share my knolage with others, this is why I Teach and I create lessons about art and art business.

My Artworks

my courant work is mainly about symbolism and transformation. 

"My Artworks are layers of materials and emotions coming together to form a unity with unique perspective under my mastery.
In my work, I integrate the composition of positive colors with powerful wording, to establish them as a visual trigger for a better life.
I start my work by inviting the idea to my mind as visualization, then I proceed, by adding to it a combination of words and colors to reach its purpose.
After completing my vision in my mind, I begin creating my masterpiece with different materials.
My inspirations are the beauty of the human brain and the stunning language of self-programming. I also have a deep admiration for nature; mountains, valleys, rivers, and seas.
I believe that a masterpiece should trigger you to think, your spirit to feel and your body to act."
~ Chady Elias

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts

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