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is creating Twitch Overlays for Streamers
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Thank you for your support! Your name will be included in our Credits list under our Patreon section! Your support is massively appreciated!

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• As a Viewer, you'll be added to our credits list, meaning whenever a Challenger rolls the credits your name will be displayed on stream!

• You'll also be invited to our Viewer rank on the Challenge Accepted Discord!

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As a thank you for supporting us we'll let you gain access to the Challenger Role on Challenge Accepted, giving you the opportunity of adding the Challenge Accepted overlay to your own Twitch Streams!

With the overlay, you'll get these great benefits:

• Have your name added to our Challenger leader-board, meaning there's a chance your Twitch handle will be displayed on multiple streams!

• Gain access to the Challenge feature, allowing your viewers to give you challenges mid-stream!

• Add your viewers to the Challenge Accepted points system; a shared economy your viewers retain throughout Challenge Accepted members!

• Gain access to our Cross-Chat feature, where you can have your viewers talk to other streams directly from your chat!

• Gain the ability to change your overlay backgrounds directly from your chat!

• Gain access to the "!scribble" and "!screen" commands, allowing you to display non-mature streams directly from your channel.

• Gain access to our Pachinko machine, allowing viewers to play mini-games directly on your channel while you stream!

• Additional extras, such as "!celebrate" that will create a firework on your stream!

• Access to our private Challenge Accepted Discord where you can help shape future developments and features of the Challenge Accepted overlay!

• Gain access to the ezRaid feature, taking the hassle out of raiding other channels! Our ChallAcc bot will check through other approved channels, see who's on, ask if they'd like more viewers, then start the raid! All with one simple command! 

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About Challenge Accepted


Hey there! We're Challenge Accepted, and we're content creators for Twitch!

You may be saying to yourself, "Meh, I've seen this before!" but WAIT!!! I'd wager you haven't!

What makes us different from other Twitch Streamers is that our overlay is custom built from the ground up to encourage a closer connection between streamers and their viewers.

With the Challenge Accepted Overlay (often referred to as ChallAcc), viewers can directly interact in a number of ways. For example, they can issue challenges to the streamer; challenging them to complete a level in a set amount of time, or complete a mission without being detected.

If they are successful, they earn points which are added to the leaderboard that is on display at all times. If they fail they lose points!


Because it's FUN!

There's a competition between all of the Challengers. First one to reach XX points... wins!

Challengers earn 100 points for every follow, 500 for every subscription, and 1 point for every bit that's donated.

Once someone hits that total, the game resets, and it all starts over again.


We had two main goals when it came to making our overlay.

One... it had to be online based, so we didn't need to install anything.

And two... it needed to... well... contain everything we could possibly put into it. Want to see a list of what features we've added in so far? Check out our Tier list!

Development of ChallAcc started in Winter 2018, and there's hardly been a day that's gone by where we haven't tweaked the code a little or thrown in some new features!


So far, ChallAcc has been entirely self-funded. This includes the hundreds of man-hours working on the code, the games donated to the in-built e-store and the many backgrounds created for our Challengers. We still have a long way to go, however, and that's where YOU come in!

We want to take Challenge Accepted to the NEXT level, but we can't do that without YOUR support!

Challenge Accepted is a community of dedicated content creators and viewers alike. We're not simply another "lurk for lurk" program, or "follow for follow" campaign. We are looking to make real connections with real, like-minded people.

Take this challenge with us! Join Challenge Accepted today!


If you're interested in joining Challenge Accepted, please do keep in mind a few things:

  • While you can change the backgrounds, the overlay itself is not customisable by yourself.
  • As it's web-based, the overlay checks the chat for key-phrases that will trigger events. This can mean messages such as personal thank yous may not be exactly how you want them.
  • As the overlay is closely tied to Twitch's API, if Twitch is having a major issue, so will the overlay. While this is, sadly, unavoidable, we've only seen it cause a problem for 1 hour in the 9 months that we've been using the overlay.

However! It's also important to recognize that the code is always being updated and improved, with new features getting added on a regular basis!

Whether you want to use the overlay or not, we really do apprecaite your support!

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