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You Are Awesome! 

Every penny counts when it comes to helping me out. You will get to see ideas before other people do and maybe even help me with channel art and thumbnails.
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High Fives!

With this reward you will get to see my videos earlier than everyone else. A link will be shared in the morning and the video will go live for everyone else in the afternoon. This is in addition to the above reward.
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What? What!

In addition with what is above you get to help me choose games for streams or even YouTube series. There are always more games and in the near future I would like to send out a postcard to everyone who donates. I just need a design.
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About ChameleonHidden

Hey Guys!

My name is Chameleon. I do YouTube and streaming on Beam and both of those are some of my favorite things to do when I can. This is going to help me support my hobby which costs me a good amount of money. I have recently graduated college and I am on the hunt for a full time job. I am looking to buy games and consoles and other things to continue streaming and doing YouTube. I stream on beam which is not a link I can put on the quick links so here is the link As of right now I have videos going live on YouTube on Monday, Thursday, and Friday. I stream on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday. Videos normally go live in the afternoon and streams are in the evening.
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This will help me get more games each month to stream and I will let you guy help me choose. I have a pretty long wish list of games on steam to buy. Some games are going to take a couple months at this goal but it will be worth it.
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