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We're ChampGG - a gaming organization dedicated to being the best. In order to do so, we're working on projects which you can help support - see them below!


PugChamp is a draft-organized pickup game (PUG) system, in which captains select players for their team from a pool of available players. This leads to quickly created highly competitive games. Our system is inspired by previous systems like and, but is designed to offer a much smoother experience, including new features like player and captain ratings, server automation, and a substitution system.

The system is already well on its way to completion (already released fully open-source on GitHub and having undergone weeks of popular public testing), but unfortunately that's not the only requirement. We need servers in order to bring this creation fully to life, and fairly beefy ones at that. Your support will keep the lights on these servers and ensure the best PUG service doesn't go out of commission anytime soon.

While we have goals laid out, you can specify where you want your contribution to go. Please leave us a note or get in touch with one of the admins and we will make sure that your support goes to your specified PugChamp.
$0 of $50 per month
We can power a beefy central server to run North America's PugChamp.

NOTE: Game servers, which affect the capacity to run concurrent games, are not included in this total.
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