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About ChangeTheWorld "Revelations"....The Foundation

Ive been waiting for that book that entertains, compels, inspires... A book i could say, "that was it, thats the one" (looking forward to the movie!). Ive NEVER  read it, so i decided to write it. Over 10 years of researching and writing. The rough draft for book one was completed: Revelations:Apocalipsis.

From that day my life has been nothing but a disaterous adventure. The book stolen and found. Destroyed and repaired. Lost and retrieved miraculously. The amazing things I've seen and wonderful people ive met have made me more than want to finish the story. Im convinced its what i was born to do. I dont know what any of you take from dreams but I fell asleep and some male woke me up. I wasnt frightened even though he had no way in where i was and he tells me."'Vin' i need you to finish your book, it will do alot of people good. And i need you to do this before Trump sends this world into chaos"  (its just a silly dream and i have no negativity toward Trump). But I sure was convinced it was time and here we are. 

I'm asking everyone to watch live or recording of the dictation of this book and weigh in , comment, suggests edits and I've always liked illustrations. So the best book ever would have an illistration in each chapter and again. Its not I , but YOU who will provide inspired drawings that match each chapter. We will vote on the best and the rest will be shown on the opening credits and website (to promote your work). I have to say that all ideas, suggestions and submittals will be donated and royalty free. And I ask this because we will use every penny, 100% of all profit to end the violence, poverty and drug episdemic here in the US and across the world. Thats how we will ChangeTheWorld. So ask ask all who read these words to join me on this adventure. This is the chance for the normal people like you and I to have our day in the sun (hollywood status). So let get started...
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