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About Yannick

Hello. My name is Yannick and in 2014, I decided to build ChangeWindows.org. ChangeWindows is setting out to keep track of all updates to Windows, no matter the platform. PC? Check. Mobile? Check. Xbox? Check. Team, IoT, Server or Mixed Reality? Check, check, check and check.

With just $1 you can help me continue to do this, and I have plans for the future. Right now I'm working on a brand new website. When that's done, I would love to expand ChangeWindows to become a resource to find help for common problems you may run into with the Insider Program, perhaps we can do some in-depth feature explorations as well, maybe even get to a point where we finally have a true UWP. Who knows.

I'd like to thank all of you in advance, be it those who donate to ChangeWindows through Patreon, or be it those who help out through GitHub or Twitter, or perhaps those who just use ChangeWindows. Thank you all for this.
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ChangeWindows becomes self-sustaining. Yeah... it's that simple.
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