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I took a big risk to leave everything behind in Australia to be with the one person who meant the world to me. Now I am here in Thailand, self-funded and living the life I always wanted.

I can certainly appreciate that a new life in Thailand is not everyone's choice for early retirement, but the benefits I've found here definitely outweigh the negatives. This is the sort of video content you will find on our channel. Our followers continue to mention that they love the no-frills down to earth approach we have with sharing our story on a regular basis.

If you find entertainment value in our video creations and you want to show your support beyond liking and subscribing to our YouTube channel, our Patreon page is here for you to extend that support with a monthly pledge. We do thank you for your patronage as this will drive us to improve our content and reach a wider audience with your support.
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Living a mostly public life on YouTube and other social platforms is not everyone's life goal, but setting a patron support goal will help us track the growth of our supporter base. 

Many people would like to see more of Chanya in our videos, but as we've mentioned, she does need to work which means she's not as flexible to hang out with me as much as we'd like.

Setting this goal should give Chanya an opportunity or choice about her plans to work as a hair stylist or change direction to be a public figure in the social media arena.

We'd love to bring you more content about living in Thailand but that does require us to make plans where we can take longer trips outside the Bangkok region and this can only be done if she can put her hairdressing career on the back burner.
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