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About Chaos00177

I'll only charge when I've made a game. I'm dedicated to making adult games as a collaborative effort between myself and fans. Be a part of decisions regarding what is planned for the next game through content polls and suggestions. I'll be making what I see as a great adult game, but I will take fans into consideration as for what exactly will happen next.

If you want to see the games improve, then consider supporting them. I already spend many hours on this because I really enjoy game making. I want to see my games improve and I even pay out of pocket to make improvements such as hiring a voice actor, musician or pixel artists. If you choose to support me or my games, I'll be sure to reward you accordingly in each tier reward. Thanks for taking an interest

Below is a list of the hentai games I have made. If you choose to patron me, you can unlock extra content and receive benefits in these games:  

Steal the Panties: Infiltrate a castle and see a lot of funny or sexy events depending on the choices you make

Halloween Quest: This one has a story but focuses more about a harem interacting with you

Cerberus Quest: Experience a more story driven game with a narrator you can interact with and find secrets.

Jeff Travels: A hentai game about avoiding sex. Choose to follow the story or irritate the narrator by wandering around instead.

League of Girls: Fun combat gameplay and written intimate scenes with voice acting.

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