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Hey it's that thing I swore I'd never do for MMO Grinder... but now I'm doing it for Indie Stop! Adopters at this tier can watch Indie Stop episodes as soon as they become available, rather than having to wait until the scheduled posting!
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Patrons who choose to give this much will make it into the Special Thanks section of the long credit crawl that people usually end up skipping anyway. (I'll credit you as your Patreon username.)  Party Members will also be given access to the ever evolving scripting process. You'll be able to add notes and comment on observations on the game as they appear while we script out the next episode, and attend a stream where we go over the script in its entirety before recording it. For those of you who love to point out all the things I got wrong, with early access to the process, it's like you're personally responsible if you don't try and stop me in time! 
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About Jon Burkhardt

What I am doing:
On, and my Youtube channel I make my (mostly) objective MMO reviews that shy away from the "glorified let's play" and confusing numerical scores of many MMO and Game reviews, by listing much of the content within the game, as well as giving reasons why one might want to play, pay for, or completely pass over the title. I release these reviews in video form every 2-4 weeks, as well as provide content in smaller doses, such as beta previews with my show "MMO Grinder: Sidequest", recaps of changes made to previously reviewed games in my show "MMO Grinder: Backtrack", and quicker, short-form versions of my main show for browser-based games in "MMO Grinder: Browser Based".
For an example of MMO Grinder, watch the video above, or click here.

In 2016 I began to focus more on regular live streaming at, allowing me closer and more direct feedback with the community. While the focus was MMOS, we've branched out to play all sorts of games (and occasional cooking shows if that's something you'd be into.)

In 2018, I cast my shot in creating Indie Stop, a shorter form, and more opinionated discussion and review of Indie games. Games are rated as "GO, CAUTION+, CAUTION-, and DO NOT ENTER" a scale that factors in how well made the game is, and whether or not I enjoyed the game, or found enjoyment in it.

What I am planning to do:
I would like to be able to focus on the community of my show, making sure people who view the show and play the games can be more involved. As of now, we have a Discord channel, and Patrons have helped contribute to the show in more ways that one via shared scripts. I would like to host more content, and involve those who enjoy the show to have a better hand in helping to create it through feedback.
I'd also like to give back to those who enjoy the show, through contests, and other activities. However, using all of my time to create videos, only to have the efforts rewarded by unstable CPMs through various hosting sites makes it difficult to keep going without having to devote all my time to the series, and not the community and side content.

So why did I start MMO Grinder?:
I feel MMOs are horribly unrepresented by the gaming media, and have a severe societal stigma placed over them from people who've only heard about the big titles, and media horror stories about how someone's life was ruined by these games.
The majority of MMO reviews out there really don't seem to have any structure, are intimidated by the "endless content" aspect of the games, and don't seem to know how to rate them among so many other genres. In addition to that, these games can be extremely intimidating for newcomers, and even veterans on occasion.
I want to do my best to ease players into a game's "newbie experience" and let them understand that you can get a good idea on what to expect, without having to play the "entire game", and take away some of that fear that grips new players when they try out one of these titles.
If only veterans of some of these games would understand that...

Why did I start Indie Stop?:
Over the years MMOs began to dwindle in number and quality overall, with the bubble bursting in 2014 and being in a steady decline since, culminating in a dismal 2018 for interesting, and worthwhile titles. However, Indie games have always been a side passion of mine, and I decided to shift focus over to Indie Stop so I could break out of the MMO rubble.
I felt Indie games tend to be the last bastion of any passion in the video game market, and thought I'd at least gush or rage about some of the ones I've played over the years, as well as new arrivals.

What's the Patreon for?:
Making the show, streams, and any future content the best it can be. More money means more reason to keep going. Better computer components. Better lighting and camera equipment. I'll be able to delve deeper into the games, and perhaps, branch away from the free-to-play titles to allow reviews of games that require some form of payment to play, like buy-to-play and subscription games. It will allow me to focus more time between episodes in order to provide deeper analysis and more side content.
This is a monthly charge, and all MMO Grinder shows like, Sidequest, Browser-Based and Backtrack will be linked to the Patreon, visible to anyone.
Indie Stop episodes will be posted with an early viewing window for patrons at the "Early Access" tier, then become publicly available on Friday of the same week.

Do I really owe you anything?:
Absolutely not. Support for my show is easiest done simply by visiting my site, or viewing my videos on or Youtube with the ads in place or your Ad-blocker "whitelisting" the site and videos. This is simply for those who wish to further support the show, and/or are unable to do so through that means, for whatever reason.
Remember you can cancel at any time, and set the amount you wish to donate without specific reward tiers.
$200.70 of $500 per month
T-Shirts and more!
Like those t-shirts no one buys? Like to see more original art spawned from the memes and characters of MMO Grinder and its community "Grindstone"? Reach this goal and I'll be far more liberal in hiring artists to create some fun content for us. Because no one deserves to be paid in "exposure".
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