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Chaosmos refers to the tension in which differences compose a single flux. Contemporaneity is characterized by a field of increasingly complex relations; opposites can no longer be defined. There is no room to think of, and through, absolutes, but only for the symbiosis of the divergents. Chaosmotics is the name of a publishing platform. It is, also, a programmatic choice. It is the trigger for dissonances and refrains. It is a hybrid sense, a chiasm, a field of inevitable intermittences and convergences. The inhibited conditions of reassurance intensify, and we stand before the precipice. Let us then leap into this vicious chasm - and begin.

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What is Chaosmotics

Chaosmotics is an online publishing platform whose aim is that of questioning and problematizing contemporary times with a distinctive philosophical spirit. In particular, regarding articles and essays, Chaosmotics offers two kinds of publications. That is to say, specific or singular essays, and essays in series, which we call “variations”. Variations are ever-growing macro categories that address particular themes. We aim towards producing and publishing consistently high-quality writings, ideally making this platform into something that approaches the form of an institutionally independent pseudo-journal.

Philosophy is said to be the discipline that affects the other disciplines. We would yet be prone to push the issue even further. By evoking a decentralized, wild and apolid thought, we will rather treat philosophy as the malaise of the other disciplines. The harnessed-rhizomatic virus that exacerbates, scars, overturns, decomposes, elevates, questions and animates everything that it touches. And it is with such an approach that Chaosmotics, as the unfettered and violent unleashing of thought, begins to disturb.

Where we are heading

Besides the publication of articles and multimedia contents, Chaosmotics prospects to publish its printed edition, as well as collections of essays and manuscripts. Our plans for the future are many and various, and they, therefore, need firm foundations. We conceive these foundations to be, of course, the writings we aim to produce for those of you who are inclined in posing questions and seeking for answers.

Our website is free of advertising, especially to make the reader's experience as clean as possible, and our only source of income to maintain Chaosmotics is your donations.
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