Chaotic Atmospheres is creating Digital Art

Iteration 01

$1 /creation
Thank you for your support !!
- You will get an exclusivity of three months for the full series.

- Extra pictures of the series only available here on Patreon !

- Final pictures in hi...


Iteration 02

$5 /creation
- Everything from the previous iteration.

- I'll regularly post pictures and thoughts about the work in progress, so  you will know everything about my work process, from the first roughs  to th...


Iteration 03

$20 /creation
- Everything from the previous iterations.
- Samples of my .PSD files with layers.

- Samples of the assets produced during the project : 3d object, textures,... (what I'll be able to send yo...


Iteration 04

$100 /creation
- Everything from the previous iterations.
- One of the picture of the series will be named from your name (or the name of someone you care).

- You will get this very special picture in orig...


Iteration 05

$500 /creation
- Everything from previous iterations.

-The picture named from your name will be yours! It means it will be shown on portfolio as the others from the series, but won't shown on my print store. S...