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About Charede Gaming

Who is Charede?
I am a female gamer from the UK, age 27. At present I work part-time in a school providing support in their educational needs and have another part-time job in a shop. When I am not working at those jobs I broadcast to Twitch, write reviews, and make Youtube videos.

I have been a gamer since I was little and my love for gaming has continued to grow ever since. I am particular passionate about RTS games but also play other games such as CoD, LoL, Minecraft etc. I used to make Minecraft builds professionally.

What does Charede do?
I broadcast to , write reviews, and make videos about gaming on Youtube.

Other things I do;
- Making a large Minecraft build project for Tihyo and his associates in preparation for a YouTube Batman roleplay series .
- Administrator for the Lionheartx10 community.
- Administrator for the World Record Attempt Minecraft server Project 1845.

Why support Charede and the community through Patreon?
I am a passionate content maker and with your support I will be able to do so much more for the community. With your financial support I will not only be able to make more videos, stream more often and produce more articles but also improve the quality of the content on offer.

In addition to this it will enable me to run more series at the same time and offer more of my time to the community. Having more funding available will also take some of the pressure off by enabling me to quit some of my formal jobs that are currently being used to fund Charede Gaming. This would open up more time to do more community events, longer streams, and giveaways.

Supporting me and my community on Patreon also grants you a huge range of awesome benefits to make your time at Charede Gaming even more fun.
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