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Hi! I'm Rhiannon R-S aka Charibdys. I'm an author who writes prose fiction and comics. I'm also an illustrator. You can check out my previously published art and fiction on my website. I'm best known for my dark fantasy and science fiction, including short stories in Creepy Comics, ZEAL, and Lightspeed Magazine, and I'm ready to expand my horizons.

My day job as a print consultant keeps me afloat, but my true passion is creating. I create original worlds that I invite others to explore. I dabble in the strange, the uncanny, the horrific, the alienating, and the surreal. I'm also queer, and my disjointed way of navigating fiction is a reflection of my queer identity. Patreon will allow me to prioritize more time for writing.

I'll be collaborating with other artists on comics and illustrated short stories that reflect both my writing and the artist's unique style. I strongly believe in paying the people I collaborate with, so supporting this Patreon also lets me pay that support forward to other creators-- and you will get to see the fruits of these collaborations! You'll also get an inside look at my writing process and at the day-to-day realities of the comics and publishing industries.

The projects I'm currently focusing on, which you'll have direct access to as Patreon rewards, are:


Justine, a chemist, is married into an alien aristocratic family alien to her in all waysThis webcomic is a surreal, science-fiction bugpunk take on Beauty and the Beast. It's an intricate, atmospheric, insectoid-rococo collaboration featuring the insanely detailed art of artist Eric J. Lee. It's an exploration of what extremes society shapes the perception of beauty into. Banner art by Eric J. Lee and Lucia Retamales. Beauty updates every Thursday. You can read it online here.


"Blood. It had to be blood, falling on me so casually from above. My arms were slick with it. I sucked in a breath and pressed my arms to my side. By wriggling back and forth I could inch my way down what I now suspected was a slab, or table, that I’d been strapped to. But who had tied me up, and why? What did they want with me?"

An ongoing experiment in writing serial fiction in the "light novel" style, The Endling is a first-person account of a young man discovering that he's the last human on Earth... but not the last person. It's a little gory, a little goofy, a little creepy, and it's got a ton of murderous robots in it. Banner art by Witnesstheabsurd. You can read it here on Patreon right now or add it to your library on Tapas.io! Patreons get to read several chapters ahead!

... and more! You'll get to peek into my sketchbook, follow my working process, and get first access to at least one chapter of my current serialized novel (The Endling) every month.

While I do write weird and dark fiction, and grodiness is to be expected, I will be prefacing stories with content warnings for any especially heavy and/or potentially triggering content.
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When we reach this goal I'll be able to pay a translator to translate BEAUTY into Spanish, and create a mirror site which will update alongside the main English-language site. I'm a big fan of multilingual works and I feel the Spanish-speaking internet (the second most-spoken language in the world!) is under-served by webcomics.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts

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