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I am a writer and speaker, dedicated to serving the emergence of a new and ancient story on this earth. I work for the evolution of the deep narratives, the invisible mythologies, that run our civilization. My best-known books are Sacred Economics and The More Beautiful World our Hearts Know is Possible, and now I have new book coming out: Climate -- A New Story. I like to bridge activism and spirituality, systems change and consciousness change, heart logic and intellectual logic.

I operate as much as I dare in gift economy, following an impulse that I share with many artists, musicians, healers... in fact anyone whose work is sacred to them. We don't want to withhold our creations in search of a payment, and we don't want money to limit who receives them. Therefore, the proper price is zero. On the other hand, we hold those gifts as valuable and precious, and prefer not to reduce them to a fixed price. Therefore, the proper price is infinity.

In other words, any amount we charge is both too much and too little. What to do?

The solution I've been exploring is to offer my creations as a gift, letting the receiver decide what the return gift should be. People can let their gratitude, goodwill, and desire to support my work guide them. That is a very different energy from "I have to pay $X to receive Y."

Gift is especially appropriate for me since I don't see the work I do as "my" work at all. The things I write and speak about come to me as gifts, whether in the mundane sense of drawing on a cultural and intellectual context, books and conversations, or more mysteriously as sudden, unbidden insights and intuitive downloads. Sometimes these take my breath away and leave me on my knees in gratitude, gratitude for this gift that has come from beyond my self.

I cannot in all honesty sell my creations as if they were mine. The voluntary financial support of my contributors is what enables me to keep 100% of my work outside pay walls, to put the full text of all my books on line, and to free my choices about where to speak from financial pressure. It enables me to fully devote my gifts toward their true purpose, and to lose myself in their service.

When you give to me through Patreon, you are making a leap of faith. You don't get an immediate, tangible product. You are saying, "I trust you." Maybe it is because you value my previous creations and want to see me continue. Maybe it is because you are inspired by what I intend for the future. Or maybe it is... just because.

The unconditional support I receive through Patreon sustains me in more than just a financial sense. Because much of what I do is outside conventional paradigms and worldviews, a little voice inside accuses me of being crazy, naive, or irresponsible. I depend on the people who have deep confidence in me to orient me, to affirm, "Yes, what you are doing has value." I want to thank those of you who offer this kind of support. Your faith in the value of what I am doing is a reminder to trust my own faith in it, to persevere through doubts and setbacks, to hold a vision over time and submit myself to that vision. You remind me that I am working on behalf of a community, a tribe, a planet, upon which I am inseparably dependent. You keep me thankful.

The money I receive funds the needs of me, my four beautiful sons, and other of my loved ones. It also supports the people who support me, with website maintenance, logistics as a speaker, sound and video editing, live and online events, healing and counseling... all kinds of things. (When there is surplus, I give it away in the most beautiful way I can, for example to the amazing edge-workers I encounter in my travels who are doing important work without money or recognition.) My commitment and my practice is non-accumulation -- I don't accumulate savings, investments, retirement funds, or anything like that. I'm not saying these are wrong, it is just my personal path. It is what helps me stay in flow and in trust.

Thank you for joining me there, in flow and in trust.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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