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Even $1 helps me put together quality creations for you.  Much more than you probably realize.  To put into perspective: if only 20% of my followers gave $1, just once a month, I could record a full album EVERY. YEAR. 🙌🏼

For $1 you get a TON of benefits:

1️⃣ Access to Cover Stories (my personal story of how I connect to each song I cover)

2️⃣ An invitation to the #charleysangels community chat (private forums where we can all get to know each other a little better)

3️⃣ Early access to all videos

4️⃣ Monthly access to our Patreon Exclusive hangout

5️⃣ A social media follow from yours truly*

This is for all my O. G. #charleysangels. 😇

I wanted to pack my first tier full of as many things as possible as a way to say thank you. Thank you for supporting me and allowing me to live my dream!


+ Monthly Hangouts

+ Social Media Follow

+ Cover Stories

+ Access to Community Chat

+ Early Access to All Videos

* Remember to send me your social media handle for the platform on which you want me to follow you!


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Personalized Copy of Starting Gate EP

You came to win! (see what I did there? Starting Gate lyrics anyone?🙈)

Get a signed and personalized copy of Starting Gate EP sent straight to your door upon checkout.

PLUS all previous rewards.


+ Personalized Copy of Starting Gate EP

+ Monthly Hangouts

+ Social Media Follow

+ Cover Stories

+ Access to Community Chat

+ Early Access to All Videos


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Producers Credit + MP3 Downloads

Alright, you really wanna be a part of this. It's thanks to you I can make awesome content, and you deserve to be recognized. Specifically at the end of my videos, for the world to see! (Or at least the internet. 💁🏼‍♀️)

You also get full downloads of my YouTube covers and originals sent to you as soon as they're released.

PLUS all previous rewards.


+ Producers Credit & MP3 Downloads

+ Personalized Copy of Starting Gate EP

+ Monthly Hangouts

+ Social Media Follow

+ Cover Stories

+ Access to Community Chat

+ Early Access to All Videos



About Charley Woods

Hi there. 👋🏼 I'm Charley Woods and 
I write songs.
Ever since I first picked up the guitar - alone in my bedroom - I knew that I was created to make music.

Throughout my life since then, I've seen just how powerful music is. It mends ties between the worst of enemies and it softens the hardest of hearts. It changes minds, inspires revolutions, breaks past barriers, heals the broken, and comforts the lost.
It is a language that transcends all cultures and understanding, one that connects us to every country and continent -
and it is my God-given passion.

It amazes me to think of all the challenges music has gotten me through. It amazes me even more to think of all the wonderful people it's connected me to throughout the years. 👯  There are so many of my personal stories I've shared with others through song - only to hear that it was their story, too. Isn't that crazy?

That's why I keep doing it. I write music to connect with you.
I want to show you hope. I want to show you that you're not alone. I want to give you the courage to feel things. I mean, really feel them.
If all of this sounds like something you agree with, you're in the right place.

🎉  W E L C O M E   T O  M Y  F A N F A M !  🎉

Patreon is a fun and unique way for ones who I like to call my fan-family to help fund my ongoing works. But it's more than just a place to contribute money. Since it's a place for only my greatest of supporters, a direct and individualized relationship is cultivated between me - the creator, and you - the patron. We're like a family around here.
🚫No trolls allowed! 🚫

And you, regardless if you give, are a part of my creative process. In fact, you are the reason I’m not just still playing music by myself in my bedroom. Patreon allows me to thank you for that with some exclusive and very personalized incentives. 🎁

So this is where things really get interesting.
As a member of the Charley Woods Fan Fam, you get exclusive and personalized rewards that don't exist anywhere else. I'm not talking about things you find on a merch table at my show or in my website store. These rewards, or incentives, are - and will always be - Patreon exclusive. 🔒

Stuff like personalized letters 💌 private concerts 🎶 birthday chats 🎂 - there's even a tier where you help design my merch and pick my track listing. 😱

For as low as $1 a month, you can be my patron. This gives you access to the Patreon-only feed.
The truth is, what you see on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter can sometimes turn out very filtered and look more like a highlight reel.
My patreon feed is reserved for a more raw depiction of my life. This means that you get a more behind-the-scenes type of perspective on all things Charley.

One example of this is my Patreon-Exclusive feature called Cover Stories: posts where I tell my personal connection story to each song I decide to cover.

As a patron, you also get more direct communication from yours truly. Since my Patreon feed is much less crowded than my social media feeds, you’re much more likely to be seen and hear back from me in this less convoluted space.

Oh - and you also get 24 hour early access to all of my videos. No big deal.

It’s kind of like Kickstarter or GoFundMe, with one big difference.

Instead of raising TONS of funds from each person for ONE big project,
it raises money in much smaller and continuous increments for TONS of little projects.

So instead of asking you for a one time donation of $500 or $1000, I’m asking for as little as $1 or $5 for each video I create. 💸

When you make your pledge, you have the option of setting a monthly cap for how much you’re willing to give. So even if I decide to make more videos than normal one month, your amount will never be exceeded - so long as you specify so at checkout. ✔️

✨ A S   A   B O N U S . . . ✨
I also have a way to get bumped up a tier for a year at no additional charge.
If you send someone my way, 🙋🏼♀️
they become a Patron 👏🏼
and tell me that you referred them, 🗣
you get the rewards in the tier above you for one full year! 🎉
* One referral per Patron, per year

10% of funds go to a local charity called Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue. They are a no kill, primarily volunteer animal shelter based in middle Tennessee that I'm extremely passionate about supporting. 🐶

The other 90% of funds go to.. 
the following ⬇️

Guitar strings, 🎸
cameras, 🎥
lenses, 📷
lighting equipment, 💡
instrument maintenance, 🔧
digital audio workstation software, 🎛
film editing software, 🎞
CW merch stock, 👚
miscellaneous filming & recording equipment, 📽
studio time, 🎙
tour expenses 🚌

and a bunch of other stuff that I'm sure I'm forgetting.

If you've made it to the end of this novel-length 'about me' section, I want you to know that I appreciate you - regardless if you give. You are why I do this. You are what keeps me going. I want to get to know you, and I want to give back to you. 

That's what my Patreon is all about. Wanna join me?
17 of 25 patrons
Virtual Party + Original Polaroids

Woohoo! Our first goal!
This goal is honestly my favorite. This marks the start of bigger, better things to come. In my eyes, it's the most special.
So when we hit 25 Patrons, I'll send out a signed 1 of 1 Original Polaroid Photo to each of my first 25 Angels!

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