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About Fiction on the Web

Welcome to Fiction on the Web's Patreon page!

Short version: Become a member for $3 a month.

I've put all the best rewards at the $3 a month level (or equivalent amount in your local currency). If every visitor to Fiction on the Web donated $3 a month, or whatever you can afford, I could afford to dedicate more time to the site and become a stronger advocate - nay, cult leader - for the power and joy of short stories.

Please note that Patreon adds local tax to each individual pledge. It means that in the UK a $3 pledge will cost you $3.60 a month.

Long version:

I’m Charlie Fish, writer for page and screen, and editor of Fiction on the Web.

I believe in the power of short stories.

I started Fiction on the Web to give authors a chance to get their work out there, and to share great stories with the world. Thanks to you, it has now published over 1,000 of stories, which have been read by over 2,500,000 people, and every single story gets feedback from the community. It's a lot of work to keep the website going on my own, but I love it.

I want to make Fiction on the Web better, and keep it ad free. Thanks to Patreon, maybe you can help. You can pledge as little or as much as you like, get access to exclusive content, and cancel any time.

Let me be clear: Fiction on the Web will always be free, and the most valuable support is when you read and comment on the stories. But if you can give a little extra, you'll be helping great short stories reach a wider audience, and I'll be hugely grateful.

How do I benefit from becoming your Patron?

1) Exclusive stuff!
  • You can submit stories even if the submissions window is closed, and if you mention you're a patron in the subject of the email you'll get fast tracked - I'm often able to respond to authors within a couple of days.
  • You'll become part of the Fiction on the Web family: I'll help promote your creative projects, you'll get credited as a supporter in published anthologies; you'll get discounts to enter competitions. 
  • Exclusive Charlie Fish short stories or chapters. Audiobook versions too.
  • Access to dozens of previous Patreon posts.

2) If you like Fiction on the Web, you can help shape its future!
  • Keep Fiction on the Web ad free.
  • Get access to polls and discussions about how to improve Fiction on the Web and better support its authors.
  • Get access to teaching materials for selected stories (by request).

3) If you want to improve your writing and get published, I can help with that too!
  • I’ll tell you about upcoming short story competitions around the world.
  • I'll answer your questions, and give advice on how to get published (or how to get your script made).
  • You can chat with me, or get me to professionally critique your story.

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If I hit this goal, every single author who gets published at Fiction on the Web will be paid.
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